Welcome USS Ohio crew members, spouses, relatives and/or friends.

The purpose for this list is to gather as many names of USS Ohio Crew members as possible.  This list will be used to inform members of upcoming reunions, also, once the website is up and running, the list will be posted on the website.  You will also receive a couple emails after filling out the form.  Make sure you receive these and they don't end up in your junk folder.  One of these will be a welcome message and will have the link to all the names on the list as well as a link to update all your information.  

NO personal information will be provided publicly on the web except for name, rate, current status and dates on board.  You also have an option of sharing (individually) your phone number and email address on the crew list which is listed on the website.

Please note!  There is a field at the bottom of the questionnaire concerning emails.  If you place a check in the box, then you will not receive emails from me concerning any activities for the Ohio.  Most people do NOT want to do this.  This check box really only serves one purpose.  There are individuals who never want to receive any information, reunion updates, etc.  They just want to show up on the list as being a crewmember.  This checkbox allows this ability. This is also checked for people on eternal patrol for obvious reasons.     This will prevent you from ever needing to UNSUBSCRIBE from the mail list.  If you Unsubscribe, the only way you can ever get back on the list, is to fill out the form all over again. On occasion, I will send an email to everyone who has checked this box, reminding them, they are NOT receiving emails because they have requested not to get them.  This is only done as a courtesy to remind them of the choice they made, in case they change their mind.   I do not send a lot of emails, so it would be best NOT to check this box or you may miss something.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at subservice@ashininglight.org
* indicates required
What name do you normally go by? This will be the name used in emails
Nickname while on board?
Enter your last rate/rank as MM1, ET1, LT., etc no need to put the SS on it, we know you qualified. If this doesn't apply just put NA
Month you were assigned to Ohio for the first time
What year were you first assigned to Ohio?
Month you were assigned to Ohio for the first time
What year did you leave Ohio?
Do you want to share your email address on the crew list?
Do you want to share your phone number on the crew list?
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Contact phone where you may be reached
What state do you currently reside?
Enter the first name of your spouse or partner.
What crew were you on?
Include any notes you would like to pass on to shipmates
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