Thank you for registering an interest in a place on the Better body and Weight Loss Challenge.

The challenge consists of 12 weekly classes where you will learn all about healthy eating and a balanced lifestyle.
The Cost is £40 for the 12 weeks and at the end of the course CASH PRIZES will be awarded for the most successful participants.
Fit club class is free for 4 weeks


Each week you will get weighed in on our "Tanita" body scan scales to ensure that you are losing FAT not muscle and hydration and getting the desired results, followed by a talk which is different each week.
Topics include,
Understanding Carbohydrates
Labels and shopping for success
Eating out and damage limitation
Healthy hearts
Metabolism and exercise
Motivation and change

It is important that you stay for this part of the class as this is where you begin to learn how to get and stay at a healthy body size and composition, have lots of energy and feel great.
You will also get support from one of our coaches and have the opportunity to try and purchase Herbalife products if you want to.
At the beginning of the course or before you will also have the opportunity to use a 3 day weight loss or 6 day healthy breakfast trial.

The classes are held at Kendal Rugby Club on Wednesday evenings between 6 - 7pm with an open weigh in and brew from 5.30pm
For those who want to progress a little faster and add in some exercise there is an exercise class to follow which is optional.
We all look forward to meeting you and helping you on your journey to a healthier happier and slimmer you.

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